About Us


The DeKalb Initiative for Children and Families, Inc. (DICF) is a broad-based collaborative serving as the planning body for efforts in DeKalb County around children and family issues. DICF serves as a convener of public and private agencies and community advocates interested in improving life in DeKalb County. DICF also serves as a fiscal agent for entities seeking grant funding.


Strengthening Families & Individuals Council
This council was created to address the issues that affect families and individuals. This is an initiative based on the understanding that keeping children safe depends on strong families and that strong families depend on connections with a broad range of people, organizations, and community institutions. The Strengthening Family and Individuals Council’s purpose is to promote, protect, and strengthen families. The council is made up of DICF Collaborative members and public agencies to assist families who are high-risk. The council seeks to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors related to child abuse and neglect and poverty. The council will focus on providing program/activities to reduce problem behaviors and to increase parenting skills.


Safe Neighborhoods Council
The purpose of this council is to ensure that the neighborhoods the children we serve are safe and provide an atmosphere of growth and protection. This is achieved by partnering with community members, agencies, and organizations to identify the issues impacting community safety. Subsequently, developing solutions to address the issue and identifying means of implementation to decrease crime and social issues.


Youth Council
The council addresses all issues that influence the youth in our communities: drugs, violence, and social issues. Partnerships with other local youth organizations assist in increasing school performance and achievement.