Our Mission

1st day of school

Our Mission…

To create strategies that strengthen all members of the family through collaborative efforts from community agencies, businesses and organizations; public and private.


Happy family of five together at home


Our Vision…

That all children will be born healthy, grow up healthy, be secure from abuse and neglect, be supported by family and community, and become literate, productive and economically self-sustaining adults.


Our Goal…

That DICF and DeKalb County will work together to impact the well being of children and families by:

  • Creating partnerships among public and private health, education and social service agencies serving children and families to develop and implement integrated service models.
  • Creating partnerships with neighborhoods and a structure for neighborhood planning, advising and/or governance to develop and implement neighborhood based service strategies to support children and families. 
  • Serving as a policy and strategic planning body for services to support children and families, including developing measurable standards for accountability.