DeKalb County Teen Maze

“Navigating the Maze of Teen Life”

DeKalb County Teen Maze

The DeKalb Initiative for Children and Families Collaborative is pleased to present

The Interactive Teen Maze for DeKalb County Youth, ages 12-19.

This is the chance for Teens to see how the decisions they make can impact the rest of their lives.

The goal of Teen Maze is to create an environment in which teens are sited to engaging and thought provoking decision situations.  It is hoped that by experiencing the Teen Maze, DeKalb County youth will increase their chances of personal success by reducing certain risky behaviors.

Teens face potentially life altering decision daily. Some decisions result in devastating consequences to a teen’s life. The purpose of Teen Maze is to provide hands-on learning that allow teens to experience consequences of a range of decisions and risky behaviors.

The Teen Maze is a life-size interactive “game board” through which teens will advance by “chance” to various stations. During the maze, teens will not have a “choice” about the decisions they make regarding sexual involvement, drug/alcohol use, texting and driving, and other behaviors. Instead they will draw cards or spin a wheel to learn the “decision situation” if it’s good news or bad news. They will be guided through the maze based on their randomly assigned decision situations.

We encourage all area youth groups, organizations or schools to participate in this interactive experience. The experience can be used as a learning tool for future discussions and development. The experience will be based on the individual not the group and no two participants will have the same encounter.

You can support this event by sharing the event with your community, volunteering your special skills and services, donating materials to support our event or becoming a sponsor.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 404-298-4090 or

We look forward to your participation in the Teen Maze and your support of our DeKalb County youth.

Our youth are the future and we need to give them every opportunity to be successful so that they may thrive.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

10 am to 3 pm

Exchange Park

2771 Columbia Drive

Decatur, GA 30034